Belgrade’s EURO PRIDE Documentary

We Will Walk.

From September 12 to 18, Belgrade hosted the Europride, an international event dedicated to LGBT rights, which is held every year in one of the cities in Europe.

"This is a major milestone for the LGBTI+ community in the entire region that will mark the beginning of a new era,"

We Will Walk.

Creative Direction, Cinematography,  Editing

* Produced by Panorama Films for Civil Rights Defenders
Directors: Nemanja Babić
Editor: Marija Kovačina
Editor Assistant: Sara Jovanović
Creative Supervisor: Andrija Kovač
Cinematographers: Aleksa Bartol, Vladimir Miladinović, Milovan Ilić, Branimir Milovanović, Aleksa Jakonić
Sound: Bojan Palikuća


2024 / 04


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