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European Western Balkans

The Time of Stabilitocracy

The documentary „The Time of Stabilitocracy“ produced by European Western Balkans and Panorama Films, which premiered in December 2022, is now available online. The film analyses the relationship between EU integration and democratization in the Western Balkans, as well as the phenomenon of „stabilitocracy“, undemocratic rule with international support thanks to the promise of stability. Numerous direct participants in the democratization process in the region spoke for the film. The documentary also featured experts for the Balkans and European integration, as well as civil society representatives from the region. The authors of the film are journalist Filip Lukić and editor of EWB Nikola Burazer, while Marija Kovačina served as the film’s director and editor. The producers are Nemanja Todorović Štiplija and Emina Muminović, and the director of photography is Andrija Kovač. Production of the documentary has been supported by the European Fund for the Balkans, Kingdom of Sweeden and Belgrade Open School.

The Time of Stabilitocracy

Creative Direction, Cinematography,  Editing

For Panorama Films:

Director: Marija Kovačina
Producers: Nemanja Babić
DOP: Andrija Kovač


2023 / 11


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