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Panorama Films is a video production company based in Belgrade, Serbia. 

We specialize in creating unique and attractive content in hard-to-reach places.

From documentary films to instagram edits, we explore emerging media and work hard to elevate your vision.

We are always on the move.. 

PANORAMA Films is a collective made up of dedicated filmmakers, producers, photographers, musicians, storytellers, tech entrepreneurs and athletes.

Founded by Andrija Kovač, Vladimir Miladinović and Nemanja Babić, the team specializes in creating video content for both the private and the public sector. Although corporate films form the basis of Panorama’s work — producing commissioned videos for global brands, NGOs, academic institutions, independent organizations, startups and local businesses — the collective is also busy with their independent in-house projects.

Panorama offers a full-service, scalable production, making high quality content across media, both with small crews and on large commercial sets. The team can guide you through everything from creative direction and conceptualization to final distribution, using innovative techniques to bring inspiring stories to life.

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